eProcurement Services

Reliance Label Solutions offers PunchOut Catalog capabilities for customers who use eProcurement systems such as Ariba, Coupa, Zycus, Jaggaer, Oracle and many more. Our versatile Level 2 PunchOut Catalog can be adapted to any system used by the customer. 

In recent years, there has been exponential growth in these eProcurement systems. Customers are able to purchase items through a third-party buying service to control costs and inventory. 


What is an eProcurement System?

An eProcurement System acts as a third party purchasing process. These systems allow for companies to automate the purchasing processes and inventoy management. 

eProcurement Systems tend to be more efficient and cost effective when purchasing materials through multiple suppliers. The Punchout Catalog holds all products available for purchase through a single brand. 


How do eProcurement Systems work? 

With this system, a buyer will search the eProcurement system to find the items needed. The items will be added to the PunchOut cart and sent to the buyer’s eProcurement system which will approve the purchase. Upon order approval and confirmation, Reliance Label Solutions will fulfill and ship the items.



Reliance will work with your selected eProcurement company to create a punchout catalog to meet your needs. To learn more or being the setup process, contact us at (800) 656-9476 or [email protected]